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Please visit the 11th Annual MiCorps Conference webpage to access the conference program and presentations from this year’s annual MiCorps conference and training held November 4-5, 2015, at the Kettunen Center (Tustin, Michigan). This year’s conference showcased presentations from volunteers around the state, regional experts, and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and MiCorps staff covering… Read More

Water Quality Monitoring Requests – Background on the Process and How to Submit a Request Join Michigan DEQ for a webinar on Nov 05, 2015 at 2:00 PM EST. Register now! This webinar will focus on the process through which people can submit requests to have Michigan DEQ Water Resources Division (WRD) consider conducting… Read More

Curious about the health of your lake? Enroll in the 2016 Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program (CLMP) today or contact Jean Roth at Michigan Lake and Stream Associations (MLSA) to request a paper application ( or 989-257-3715). The CLMP has been an important component of Michigan’s inland lakes monitoring program for over 40 years, which makes… Read More

While you’re here checking out the new website, please take a few minutes to add your monitoring program and contact information to MiCorps’ web-based directory of volunteer water quality monitoring organizations in Michigan. Just a handful of committed volunteers without a formal program? That’s fine too! Fill in as much of the information as you… Read More

Intensive volunteer leader training program geared towards individuals who want to help restore and conserve ecosystems through Michigan. Michigan State University Extension is offering a volunteer leader training program designed for those interested in learning science-based ecosystem management principles and sharing this knowledge with others to help improve Michigan’s natural communities. Participants learn about the… Read More

Please share this opportunity widely with your partners and colleagues! Coming this fall to a computer near you! Michigan State University Extension is excited to announce the return of the Introduction to Lakes program series, now online for the first time! Updated and reformatted, the six-unit series is specially designed for lakefront property owners, lake… Read More

MiCorps is pleased to announce this year’s grant recipients for the Volunteer Stream Monitoring Program (VSMP). Each year, the VSMP grants program provides funding to organizations interested in monitoring their streams and rivers. For 2015, a total of nearly $69,000 was awarded for five Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Survey grants, two Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Survey start-up grants, and… Read More

Download your lake’s data report and view the data collected for your lake in 2014. You may also view the Cooperative Lake Monitoring Program’s (CLMP) fact sheets for lake monitoring parameters to learn how each type of monitoring can tell you something different about the health of your lake. Enrollment for the 2015 CLMP monitoring… Read More