Become a Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program Volunteer

2021 CLMP Monitoring Season

Enrollment for the 2021 monitoring season is closed. Enrollment for 2022 will open in the fall.

There are two steps involved in becoming a CLMP lake monitoring volunteer:

1. Attend a free training session.

The official 2021 training for CLMP volunteers was online on April 29, 2021. The training was recorded and will be available for viewing on the Lake Training page.

2. Enroll in the CLMP – NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. Enrollment for 2022 will open in the fall.

Access the new CLMP enrollment system by clicking on the button below. But first – some important information:

  • Check out this step-by-step guide to the new CLMP enrollment system. You can also watch a video that takes you through the new system.
  • Review the 2021 Parameter and Fee Information below to plan your enrollment.
  • Lake enrollment for the 2021 season is now closed. If your lake is already enrolled for the 2021 season and you need to make changes, contact us at Fee refunds were available through May 31, 2021. See our Refund Policy at the bottom of this page.
  • Payments are only accepted through this website. Do not mail checks. Any payments by check will be returned.
  • Additional (“Assisting”) volunteers helping with monitoring may sign up at any time.


2021 Parameter and Fee Information – for reference only. 2021 enrollment is closed.

Basic Water Quality Parameters

New and experienced participants may enroll.

  • Secchi Disk Transparency: $30 
    • Secchi disk is a simple tool that measures water transparency/clarity. Consistent Secchi disk transparency measurements are a useful indicator of lake quality changes and trends. Training is optional but recommended. If you need a Secchi disk, you can order one separately. 
  • Spring Total Phosphorus: $30  —  Must also be enrolled in transparency. 
    • Phosphorus is an essential nutrient for algae and plant growthSpring total phosphorus is an estimate of all the phosphorus in your lake. Annual measurements are useful in evaluating nutrient enrichment. Samples are collected within two weeks of lake ice-out. Sample collection bottles are included with the enrollment fee. 
  • Summer Total Phosphorus: $30  —  Must also be enrolled in transparency. 
    • Phosphorus is an essential nutrient for algae and plant growth. Summer total phosphorus is used to estimate your lake’s productivity (trophic status) – Oligotrophic, mesotrophic, or eutrophic. Samples are collected in late August or September. Sample collection bottles are included with the enrollment fee. 
  • Score the Shore: Lakeshore Habitat Assessment: $30
    • Healthy shorelines are an important and valuable component of your lake. Score the Shore is a protocol to assess the quality of your lake’s shoreline habitat. 
  • Exotic Aquatic Plant Watch: $30
    • Finding invasive aquatic plants before they become established is essential to effective management. The Exotic Aquatic Plant Watch is an early detection monitoring protocol for troublesome exotic aquatic plants that might end up in your lake.

Advanced Water Quality Parameters

Participants who have been in the CLMP for one or more years may enroll.

  • Chlorophyll: $60  —  Must also be enrolled in transparency and phosphorus. 
    • Chlorophyll is a measure of the amount of algae growing in your lake. Chlorophyll measurements help determine the productivity (trophic status) of your lake– Oligotrophic, mesotrophic, or eutrophic.
  • Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature – Must also be enrolled in transparency, phosphorus, and chlorophyll. 
    • A lakes dissolved oxygen and temperature influences the physical, chemical, and biological qualities of your lake. Measurements are used to determine stratification patterns and oxygen depletion. If you choose to use a MiCorps-owned meter for the season, we will arrange delivery. You may be asked to share the meter with nearby lake(s). 
    • Use MiCorps meter ($60.00) 
    • Use your own meter (only YSI models 550A or Pro20 are approved for CLMP use) ($30.00) 
  • Aquatic Plant Mapping (First Year: $250): NOT AVAILABLE IN 2021 DUE TO COVID-19, BUT WILL BE AVAILABLE IN 2022.
  • Aquatic Plant Mapping (Subsequent Years: $30):  —  Must also be enrolled in transparency, phosphorus, and chlorophyll. 
    • For experienced volunteers continuing or repeating their Aquatic Plant Mapping efforts only. Aquatic plants are a natural and essential part of lake. This is a protocol to map and quantify the aquatic plants in your lake.


Due to COVID-19 we will not have a pickup location in 2021. All ordered Secchi disks and chlorophyll supplies will be mailed.

  • Secchi Disk: $50 + $10 shipping.
  • Chlorophyll Testing Equipment (First Year): $40 + $18 shipping —  Required for first year of Chlorophyll sampling.
  • Chlorophyll Replacement Filters and Vials: $12 + $5 shipping —  Required after first year of Chlorophyll sampling.
  • Print Copy of Individual Lake Report: $3 each —  Note that an electronic copy will be emailed at the end of the season at no cost.

2021 Enrollment Fee Refund Policy

Organizations or individuals that have paid enrollment fees for the MiCorps Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program (CLMP) and later find that they are unable to complete the monitoring activities may request a refund of fees by notifying MiCorps in writing by May 31, 2021. The refund deadline is necessary due to scheduled allocation and distribution of supplies and materials for the sampling season.

  • After May 31, 2021, requests for refunds of fees will not be honored.
  • MiCorps will refund all enrollment fees if CLMP enrollment limits are exceeded for the year. (This is rare.)
  • Requests for enrollment fee refunds should be directed to Jean Roth.
  • Download a copy of the 2021 CLMP Refund Policy