Oakland County’s Healthy Lake Initiative

January 18, 2018

Thanks to generous funding from the Oakland County Board of Commissioners, in 2018 Oakland County lakes can join the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program (CLMP) for free (introductory monitoring) or for a reduced cost (advanced monitoring).

Volunteers in Oakland County will be credited $185 to enroll a lake into the program. (A lake is enrolled into the program, rather than a person. Usually one or two people, sometimes with a few others supporting them from time to time, conduct the monitoring on a single lake.)

For lakes enrolling in the CLMP for the first time, this covers enrollment into the Secchi Disk Transparency, Spring and Summer Phosphorus, and the Exotic Aquatic Plant Watch monitoring parameters, as well as a free Secchi Disk! For Oakland County lakes that have been enrolled in the CLMP in the past, the $185 credit can be applied to any of the enrollment or equipment costs associated with their 2018 participation in the program.

Oakland County residents are invited to attend one of two upcoming informational sessions to learn more about this opportunity. A training session will also be held in Oakland County for participants, covering the introductory parameters listed above. See the image below for the dates, times, and locations!

Any questions at all?  Email Paul Steen, MiCorps program manager, psteen@hrwc.org.