Stream Monitoring and Cleanup Grants

Eligible organizations in Michigan can apply for funding to conduct volunteer benthic macroinvertebrate monitoring and to clean up garbage from Michigan’s rivers, streams, and creeks.  To learn more about these projects, refer to the Request for Proposal documents below.

The next grant proposal window is expected to start the end of January 28 with grant proposals due February 28.

2022 Request for Proposals (RFPs).

Links will be added upon RFP announcement.

  • Volunteer Stream Cleanup Grant (2021):$32,000 is available for grants (ranging from $500 to $5,000) to support local units of governments in efforts to clean up garbage from Michigan’s rivers, streams, and creeks.  This program is funded by fees from the sale of Michigan’s specialty water quality protection license plates, available from the Secretary of State’s Office. 
  • Volunteer Stream Monitoring Implementation Grant (2021): These funds support volunteer training and macroinvertebrate data collection for the purpose of assessing water quality that help state and local efforts to protect and manage water resources. Grants may be used to fund a monitoring coordinator and/or purchase water quality monitoring supplies. There is a maximum dollar amount of $20,000 per grant award for two-year projects under this funding area. 
  • Volunteer Stream Monitoring Startup Grant (2021): These grants are for organizations who seek to learn the MiCorps protocols of monitoring and set themselves up to submit successful Implementation Grant proposals in future years. There is a maximum amount of $5,000 per grant award for one-year projects under this funding area.  
  • Volunteer Stream Monitoring Maintenance Grant (2021):These grants are for groups who are already monitoring with MiCorps procedures. Funds can pay for staff time, equipment, and travel to MiCorps trainings and conferences, are a maximum of $2,000, and last for eight months.  

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