Exotic Aquatic Plant Watch Video

March 24, 2016

Are invasive plants threatening your lake? Watch this video and join the Exotic Aquatic Plant Watch (EAPW) to find out!

Invasive aquatic plants can be bad news for your lake, as high densities of these unwanted species can negatively affect fish populations and reduce recreational use. MiCorps staff have created this short video, which introduces and describes the EAPW and demonstrates how lake volunteers can identify, monitor, and map four nuisance aquatic plant species. Early detection, with the help of the EAPW, can lead to a rapid response which is critical to preventing or managing invasions in your lake.

How do I enroll in the EAPW?

Visit our CLMP enrollment page or contact Jean Roth, Michigan Lake & Stream Associations (jroth@mlswa.org or 989-257-3715), to sign up for the EAPW before the April 1st deadline.

You can also visit the CLMP training page to view additional short, informational videos that demonstrate how to complete some of the other CLMP water quality parameters.