November 8, 2017 November 9, 2017
Kettunen Center
14901 4H Drive
Tustin, MI 49688
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Conference Overview

The 13th annual Michigan Clean Water Corps (MiCorps) conference featured presentations from volunteers around the state, regional experts, as well as Michigan DEQ and MiCorps staff covering both lake and stream topics of interest and success stories from volunteer monitoring efforts. In particular, this year’s conference focused on community engagement and the use of monitoring data to inform management decisions and protect and improve water quality.

Matt Meersman, Director of the St. Joseph River Basin Commission, was this year’s featured keynote speaker. During his remarks, Matt shared examples of how he has used data to facilitate change and find common ground among diverse watershed stakeholders to achieve water quality improvements.

Two optional training sessions on invasive species decontamination steps and developing volunteer leadership were also offered on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 8th to kick off the annual conference.

The MiCorps staff and partners thank you for your interest in this year’s annual conference and look forward to seeing you at next year’s event!

Annual Conference Proceedings

The most recent conference proceedings, including agenda, attendee list, and presentations, are included below. For older conferences, only agendas are available online. Please contact Laura Kaminski ( to request specific documents or presentations from these older conferences.

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Older Conferences: